Make Flooring Installation Easier with This Laminate Molding Kit

Today there are more DIY flooring options than ever. But where most homeowners get into trouble is transitioning flooring from one surface to another. 

So, Pergo has introduced a four-in-one molding kit. It includes everything you need to complete your laminate flooring installation with an innovative design that allows the assembly of four different moldings from a single product.

In a Best New Products segment of Today's Homeowner, Jodi Marks leans on a table next to Pergo's 4-in-1 Laminate Molding Kit.
Transitioning from different surfaces has never been easier!

Use the T-molding  to join laminate flooring with a similar-height hard-surface floor.

If the adjacent floor is lower, use the hard-surface reducer to make the transition.

Or, transition laminate flooring to a carpeted floor with the carpet transition.

You can even use this kit to finish your flooring installation at sliding doors, fireplaces or other fixed edges with the end molding configuration. 

The moldings are color-coordinated to Pergo laminate designs, so no painting or staining is necessary.

And, they can be installed over smooth, flat, dry surfaces like concrete, ceramic tile, vinyl and wood.

Watch the video to learn all about this Best New Product!

Find Pergo Laminate 4-in-1 Molding at The Home Depot

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