How to Repair Water-Damaged Laminate Flooring

In order to repair an existing laminate floor you’ll need to first confirm that you have an adequate number of extra pieces to make the repair. Then follow these steps and watch the video above for more details.
Repair Laminate Floor After Water Damage

  • Remove thresholds or shoe molding that overlap your damaged flooring.
  • Remove damaged pieces of flooring, while protecting the good ones.
  • Sweep off the underlayment.
  • Apply glue to new pieces according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Line up the tongue and groove on each side and slowly tap the new piece between the good pieces that were left in place. Friction increased as more of the edges contact each other
  • Use a scrap from the old boards as a ‘tap block’ to protect the end of the new piece you’re tapping.
  • If cuts are needed, pay attention to the orientation of the tongue and groove.
  • Pieces against the wall should be cut about a quarter inch short for expansion and room to pry it into position.
  • Reinstall thresholds and shoe molding.


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