How to Remove Dents from Carpet

Indentations in carpet usually result when furniture has been moved.

To remove carpet indentations:

  1. Place a damp cloth over the indentation.
  2. Apply a hot clothes iron to the cloth.
  3. Remove the cloth and use a spoon to fluff up the carpet.
  4. Repeat the process until the indentation goes away.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Danny Lipford: Diane wants to know, “Our carpet has indentations in it. Can it be repaired?”

Yes, that’s a real common problem. When people decide to rearrange their furniture a bit, you’re left with those indentations from maybe the legs of a sofa.

Here’s how you get rid of those indentations. First of all, take a damp hand cloth, and put it directly over the indentation. Then use a steam iron and heat that towel up. Then after a few seconds, pull it back and use a spoon to fluff up the fibers of the carpet.

A little more steam heat, a little more fluffing, then finish it off with a vacuum to really make everything look nice and consistent.

That way, no one will ever know that you rearranged your furniture!


  1. Warning! Don’t us an iron for this! It can leave a mark behind after only 30 seconds. Use a touchless steamer and a fork instead. Light touches only with the fork. “Esteam” makes a touchless steamer for getting wrinkles out of fabric. The touchless steamer, along with the fork, will take the mark from the iron out too.

  2. we noticed in our dining room rug that our marble table sits on has very strange markings that circle around the table beyond the chairs by approximately 2 ft away. we never use the room only discovered them when vacuuming a while back. the dining room is raised from the floor by about 3 ft, the table has been there for 10+ years. never was issue before, it almost looks like someone drag a heavy object around the table, but no indentions. we had a home inspection & we have bug control so we are clueless what it is, would really your opinion.

  3. This worked perfectly for me… would never know there was a cabinet on the carpet…I should have taken before and after pictures

    • Glad that this tip worked for you! Before and after photos are always great – we’ll gladly accept them next time. 🙂


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