How to Prevent Wood Floors from Squeaking

To stop a wood floor from squeaking, try sprinkling baby powder on the squeaking boards. Work the powder into the cracks with a soft cloth to provide a buffer that can make the squeak disappear. Watch this video to find out more.

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  1. This looks like a great tip. My wood floors were recently sealed (within last 3 months) with several coats of polyurethane. I guess if the boards move (squeak) the seal is broken between boards and allows the powder in? Is this tip for an aged floor?

    Thanks and love the TV show and website.


  2. Love your show and newsletter and your site. Helpful hints/repairs are always a big hit. I also enjoy your new products segment. Good job guys. Keep it up.
    Tom M.

  3. I own a old lake home with original wood floors. The house is about 60 years. It was an original lake home then turned into a home which is on a lake. I live in CT where it gets real cold. I also have a Fireplace. The wood floor squeaks alot. I have tried your baby powder trick didn’t help. I have to work with the floor from the main level as everything underneath is finished off. The floor seems to be shrinking and has gaps between the wood. Is there anyway I can stop this from happening and not install a new floor?


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