How to Patch Vinyl Flooring in Your Home

Remove damaged area       Apply adhesive                 Seal seams

Since vinyl flooring is soft, it’s prone to damage. To repair a damaged area:

  1. Cut Damaged Section: Use a utility knife and straight edge to carefully cut around the damaged section. Follow the flooring pattern to make the patch less obvious.
  2. Remove Damaged Section: Take out the damaged flooring section.
  3. Clean Subfloor: Remove any adhesive on the subfloor.
  4. Cut Patch: Use a utility knife and straight edge to cut a matching patch that fits the opening.
  5. Glue Patch: Glue the patch in place with vinyl adhesive.
  6. Remove Excess Glue: Clean up any excess glue with mineral spirits.
  7. Seal Seams: Use vinyl seam sealer to meld the patch to the original floor.


  1. Thanks so much for the very helpful hint on how to repair a hole in vinyl flooring. The direction are easy to follow with pictures. I shouldn’t have any problem fixing the floor. Thanks again


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