The sharp, steel ends of metal folding chair legs can quickly wear through the protective rubber tips and damage floors.

To prevent damage from metal chair legs:

  1. Remove the rubber tip from the chair leg.
  2. Insert a nickel inside the rubber tip.
  3. Put the rubber tip back on the chair leg.

Since a nickel is the same diameter as most metal chair legs, it will prevent the hollow, sharp, metal chair leg from wearing through the protective rubber tip.

For other size chair legs, use a washer or a coin that is the same diameter as the leg.

Coin Diameter Size:

  • Quarter: 15/16” diameter
  • Nickel: 13/16” diameter
  • Penny: 3/4″ diameter
  • Dime: 11/16” diameter

Watch the video above to find out more.


Joe Truini: On the occasions that you need additional seating around the house, you can’t beat a metal folding chair. First, they’re pretty affordable, they’re comfortable, and they stack really neatly—you can fold up and stack them away. But they do have an Achilles heel—let me show you.

If you look at the bottom, the legs are nothing more than a steel pipe, and that’s a really sharp edge. And they come with rubber tips on, but what happens over time is the legs just cut right through. Here you see it cut completely through. And now, if you move this chair around on your living room floor, it’s gonna scratch it all up.

So here’s the solution. You go out and you buy a new set of rubber chair tips. These only cost about less than $2.00 for four of them. But if you just put it back on, which most people do, what’s going to happen? Of course it’s going to just cut through and you’re gonna have the same problem.

So here’s the solution. If you look at this, it’s exactly the same diameter as a nickel, about 7/8 of an inch diameter. So what you do is take a nickel, put it in the bottom of each new chair tip, then slip it on. So now the chair leg will rest on the nickel and it won’t cut through the chair anymore.

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