Easy to Install Tile Radiant Heating System

Ditra-Heat radiant heating tile underlayment mat from Schluter Systems.
Ditra-Heat radiant heating tile underlayment mat from Schluter Systems.

Now it’s easy to add radiant heating when tiling a floor, thanks to the Ditra-Heat radiant heat tile underlayment mat from Schluter Systems.

Simply cut the Ditra-Heat polypropylene mat to size, and attach it to the floor using thin-set adhesive. Press the heating wire into the underlayment mat, apply a coat of thin-set adhesive, and set the tile.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Allen Lyle: I have long been a fan of Schluter’s Ditra System, I love this. This is an underlayment, great for putting down tile floors.

Here’s why I love it—it’s so easy to install, easy to cut. If you’ve ever tried to put down a cement backer board, say if you’re trying to cut it around a toilet flange. It’s hard cutting that stuff anyway, this just with a utility knife. You put it down on the floor, cement it down, put your thin-set down, lay your tile, you’re set, it’s great.

So how do you make this better? Check this out. It is now with a floor warming system. This is the Ditra System revised. Look at this wiring in here. You can actually put in your own floor warming system.

And if you’re like me—I’ll be the first to admit it—I’m not the smartest apple in the barrel. I don’t have to figure this out, they’ve even got online how much wire I need. Just go in there, I say, “Here’s the size of my room. Here’s how much I’m heating.” Push a button they’ll tell me how much wire I need.

And it’s so simple to install. The nice thing about it is it’s going to save money. I just talked to contractor that was here who just put some of this down. His man put down the system, the wiring, put down the thin-set, put down the tile all in one day.

You’re going to save money and you’re going to have nice, toasty warm toes in the morning.


  1. Replacing 550SF of dated quarry tile Need to rip up boards of 1700s house and level with new rafters, 12″ on center and then what? Thinking of 1/2″ plywood then a warm floor plywood with grooves precut for 1/2″ PEX tubing for hot water, cover with thin set and then add electric radiant for faster heat on cold, New England mornings, keeping radiant hydronic lower. Does this make sense? Or just install hot water radiant and it will be more efficient than what I have now: tubing stapled under 1.5″ of wood and then thin set with quarry tile?

    Best underpayment to use?

    Hanks, Pat


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