SimpleMat Adhesive Tile Setting Mat

SimpleMat is a double sided, adhesive sheet that is perfect for attaching tile to a countertop or backsplash. It can be used on drywall, plywood, plastic laminate, or painted surfaces. Simply cut the mat to fit, press in place, peel off backing, and attach tile. SimpleMat is available at The Home Depot.


  1. Used the SIMPLEMAT to install 30 square feet of glass mosaics three days ago. Today, the tile is falling off the wall. Since this product doesn’t work, I tried to peel off the remaining tiles but found it easier to steam them off with my Shark floor steamer. However then I was stuck with the fiberglass backing and globs of rubbery glue. So now I am removing the first layer of paper on the drywall to get the “mat” off. What a mess!!!!

  2. I am having the same problem. We used it on wall behind stove and under cabinets. Same problem. Fell off the wall. Had to use thinset on half the tiles! Most likely will have to replace the rest. Home Depot not doing a thing, referred me to mfg. Waiting for reply. Will go to BBB if necessary.

  3. I had the same problem only mine fell off and took the paint with it exposing my drywall. Went to Home Depot and showed them pictures of the mess this stuff has made in my kitchen. Good news is they refunded all my money I spent on the tile and the simple mat. However, now I have a huge mess in my kitchen and have to pay someone to come in and fix what the simple mat has done. I can’t get it off my walls either. The double sided adhesive stayed to the walls but the tile wouldn’t stay up. I am contacting the BBB!

  4. Did all of you use glass tiles? Because it says on the box that it works with stone and ceramic — it doesn’t indicate that it works with glass.

    I’m a beginner who had a sales person at Home Depot recommend this product. Any other experiences out there?

  5. I used glass mosaic tiles too, and any that were set vertically began peeling off almost immediately. Incidentally, I also used a roll of Bondera brand tile setting mat that a neighbor gave me (who recommended against using the Simplemat) and had succss with that product. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t use it for the entire project, but I ran out. I had plumbers in the house during the time I was setting the tile so I didn’t want to leave the house while they were there, and used the Simplemat I had previously bought. Mistake! Can anyone tell me what the best method would be to remove the mats from the surface I had it affixed to? It was used on a fireplace hearth which is made to look like marble (it’s not cultured marble, but a plastic surface). Would some type of citrus-based GooGone work to help loosen it? Then it could be scraped off with a wallpaper razor remover.

  6. Sorry to come off as rude, because I don’t mean to be that way, but anyone who tried the product with glass tiles, or tiles that don’t fit the size and thickness requirement of the manufacturer, should not be entitled to a refund.

    I’m all about putting businesses in their place and reporting them to the BBB when they are fraudulent. However, customers need to read instructions before purchasing and attempting to use any products. Home Depot and SimpleMat are not responsible for consumer negligence.

    No, I do not work for either of these companies, I am a college logic and ethics instructor.

    • You DO understand that The BBB is a franchise (you can buy one,) and that they are NOT a government agency. They have no power, other than a phone call of inquiry. BBB job number selling memberships to businesses.

  7. I would like to say to all the people that used this product for glass tile or tiles less then 1×1 inch in size and thicker then 1/2 inch. The directions clearly state the types of tile that can be used and glass is not one of them. The biggest number of product complaints come from people who do not understand the products they are using. You must read all directions and follow them. If you follow the directions the Simplemat will work. I had a tile job that needed to be done in one day. That included setting the tile and grouting the tile. The directions also say that you need to grout within 24 hours for the people who did not follow that part of the directions. Anyway I was able to accomplish what I needed to by using this product and I will say it cut the installation time in half and the tile is still up almost 6 months later and in a commercial application no less. I will use this product again and again and since I follow the directions I know it will work. People who contact the BBB or Home Depot for a refund should include pictures of the tiles they were trying to install so they can be told that they will not get a refund since they did not follow the directions. I will say that the Home Depot representatives don’t know what they are doing so you should read all directions. I wish Simplemat could call the BBB on consumers that do not follow directions.

  8. I used this product on my kitchen backsplash and yes I used glass mosaic tiles (1 x1). Yes it did start to come away from the wall but I just pushed it back up with more pressure and grouted.. No problems after grout. Been a month now and no problems..

  9. Like Keri, I also used it on glass mosaic (1X1 mesh sheets which is ok per the instructions)and after 3 weeks it’s still up and have no problems. I wouldn’t buy again however, only due to the cost.

  10. I made a mistake with the tile application and tried to remove the backing sheets, but it created a major mess.
    I’ve tried paint thinner, goof off, a paint scraper and still can’t get the gooie mess off the wall. I would not recommend this product. Any advice on how to get this mess off the wall? This product was more trouble than it was worth.

  11. We used the simplemat product with 2×2 glass tiles. It was a disaster. They did not even stay on for three hours. We read all the instructions and while it does not list glass tile, the Home Depot saleman assured us it would work. The glass tiles are simply too heavy for this product. Now, how can I get them stick stuff off my backsplash? Any ideas?

  12. I used this on a table that I was tileing and it stuck to the table top just fine. However it did not adhere to the tiles at all! I’m ripping this junk off as soon as I am done wrting this and doing this with the proper material.

  13. Simple rule with tile: The less work you put into install the less time it will last.

    Mankind has been using cement mortar for 2000 yrs. for a reason…. it works

  14. Well, bless all your hearts! I bought a box of small, 12-inch, lightweight, and I find, glass mosiac tiles to put on a back wall area. The sales person suggested the Simple Mat rather than using a backer board and it sounded like a great time saver, albeit an expensive alternative.

    At least I had the wit to check out on-line critiques on the Simple Mat before using it. Thanks to you all, and of course the Handyman, I have been saved a lot of grief. The Simple Mat can go back intact! The old way is still the best.

  15. Thank you very much for the information on Simple Mat. I went to Home Depot today to purchase glass tiles for my kitchen and the salesperson there also suggested that i use this product. I will not. Thank you for saving me from a heartbreaking experience.

  16. I wish I had read all this info 48 hours ago. I was on my way down the aisle at Home Depot when an associate, who was conducting a DIY Tile class with some customers, stopped the class to tell me that the thin set I had was not needed. Simplemat was recommended for the glass mosaic tiles I had with me. When I pointed out that glass tile was not on the list, I was told that there was a display at the store proving that it will hold glass, they just did not put it on the label. My mistake, but you should be able to take the advise of the associate.

  17. Wow…am I happy that I decided to search this morning…I bought SimpleMat and two tiles yesterday to see which would look best with my countertop…after reading all of these comments I will be returning these items to the HomeDepot today. I am so very happy that I haven’t used any of it so a refund is coming my way.

  18. I have found what will remove simple mat tile setting mat. Lighter fluid – the kind in a yellow bottle. Soak the matting well it will peel off and then take sponge and soak it in lighter fluid and wipe around and the glue will ball up and you will be able to remove all residue. Clean with murphy oil and water afterwards. Never use simplemat again but was glad to get rid of it without damaging facing of wall.

  19. I just bought tile for my backsplash, and the mortar. I had thought about using the Simple Mat, but went with my better judgement. I questioned whether that adhesive would be permanantly effective in adhering the tile. Fortunately, the sales person did not not push it. I feel badly for those who have had the bad experience, but am grateful you were honest in your comments.

  20. ive been in the industry for 25 yrs ,, when it comes to tile there is one way to do the job rite and that is with wall tile adhesive , that is made for whatever tile you are using , a painted backsplash not cleaned properly and putting a sticky matt on it will not work , rule of thumb if you want to do tile job go to a tile store not home depot talk to a pro,

  21. Six months ago I used Simple Mat as a backing for very thin glass tiles that came on a 12 x 12 mesh backing for a backsplash. It was easy and I have not had any problems with the tiles not sticking or coming loose. I’ve tiled rooms before and this was a snap compared to the mess plain old tiling makes.

  22. My husband and I used this for our bathroon walls and shower walls. The trick is to grout immediately after putting up an area. If you don’t the air gets behind the tile and trys the adhesive and it falls off. After we found that out, the tile went up quick and easy and has been up close to 1 years now and looks beautiful. These were 12×12 tiles and it hels great. Just be sure to grout quickly.

  23. Used SimpleMat for my kitchen’s backsplash and have not had any issues after an entire year. As I was putting the glass tiles up, they did sometimes come loose from the wall, but I just used a flat surface tool to push them against the wall as hard as I could. Grouting almost immediately after adhering them to the wall I think is the most important step.

  24. I just came across this product in a magazine. It sounded like a fantastic idea, until I checked this site. I will say that the advertisement says “You can even set glass”. So for those people who did that I feel for you.

  25. Sorry to disagree but we did a large backspash with simple mat my husband has tiled for years. This has been one of the best products he has ever tried if it was not it would not be in our home.

  26. Anyone use the product Bondera which is similar to what you are describing? any luck with that product and can I tile right over existing tile?

  27. I used the Bondera from Lowes and put 1 inch glass tiles all around my kitchen above the counters. Worked like a dream and has been on for 6 months now. Might be able to use it on top of the “sticky mess” left by the other brand, but not sure. I started with clean walls.

  28. Sorry to disagree with so many people, but we used Simplemat and tiled our entire backsplash over a year and a half ago with a combination of glass and porcelain tiles. We have been very pleased and have not had the first problem. It has definitely been a great product for us, and we would certainly use it again.

  29. I used SimpleMat to install 1″ x 1″ square tiles on mesh backing and have had no problems. I grouted immediately, but the tiles didn’t even try to peel off before I grouted. The experience was great because it was so fast and easy to do.
    However, I am about to do my kitchen backsplash with marble subway tile and I am doubting that Simplemat can hold that type of weight. I think I am going to go the old-fashioned, time-consuming way this time just to be safe.

  30. Having same issue, using 1×1 glass mosaic tile. Nowhere did it state that this isn’t to be used. HomeDepot even had all these products laid out together! We talked to several reps while buying this and not once did they say you cannot use glass with simplemat.

  31. I beg to differ with most of you about using glass tile. The box of SIMPLEMAT that I purchased from Home Depot clearly states on the back that SIMPLEMAT can be used with any type of ceramic, porcelain, stone or glass tile 1″ x 1″ or larger. Mosaic tile with mesh back can also be used. Not sure where most of you are getting your information. This is the first time I have used SIMPLEMAT or ever installed tile for that matter. I used the 1″ x 1″ glass with mesh on a backsplash and was a little difficult since the 12 x 12 squares are quite floppy and hard to handle. Once you place the tile up it is stuck! I am now concerned about applying the grout and hoping the tile doesn’t fall off like many of you have said! I didn’t understand why you had to grout within 24 hours though. But, the SIMPLEMAT was fairly easy to cut and apply. Just hope it works!

  32. Worst product ever, I am calling the BBB and also the company. I called my local Home Depot and they are taking it off the shelves.

    My kitchen is a disaster, virtually every tile fell off the wall. And yes people I checked the box to see if it would work with my tile. I also tried to grout it quickly, the tiles just slid off.

  33. WORST PRODUCT EVER! $500 dollars later, and were going to have to repaint and everything 🙁

    USE GOOF-OFF TO GET IT OFF YOUR WALLS. $10 at home depot…

  34. Horrible!!! Put the stuff up and my mosaic tiles were falling off the next day!! Local home depot did not care and said they had no complaints. Clearly that was untrue and I will be returning to show all of these complaints to them.

  35. This comment while late is for the “college logic” instructor and handyman. I personally saw a glass tile sample board in Home Depot promoting SimpleMat. In addition, a Tile rep.(Home Depot) suggested that I use it instead of thin-set!

    Luckily I’m a naysayer when it comes to ADVICE from a Home Depot employee. 9 out of 10 times you’ll be sorry. DIYer’s always go “Old School” or even better hire a professional.

    Pro.: Architect

  36. I applied Simple Mat and glass mosaic tile to my kitchen wall yesterday. The tiling took me several hours and I did not immediately grout, instead I went to sleep for the night. Woke up this morning and the tiles were still perfectly adhered. However, I just did not like the design I choose. I peeled ceramic and glass tiles off fairly easily this evening in about 45 minutes(with a dose of strength and ‘elbow grease). Not really sure how to remove Simple Mat. Hope the Goof Off works as well for me as the other person who posted. Saw the lighter fluid suggestion but that just seems crazy dangerous.

  37. I used simplemat for my kitchen back splash and I also framed around a large mirror in my bathroom, worked GREAT. I didn’t have ANY problems whatsoever and I get compliments on my kitchen all the time as if a contractor did it. I’m a girly, girl and managed to use this stuff just fine. I honestly feel bad it didn’t work out for other folks cause it really was simple for me. I can’t imagine it coming off of the wall, it was so dang sticky, I felt is though I could of stuck a person to it and it wouldn’t of come off. Sorry for your luck.

  38. This was a total disaster!! I would have never used it if I had read these comments beforehand. Tiled the “kneewall” on my breakfast island and it looked like a million bucks – yesterday. This morning all the grouted glass and stainless mosaic tile had slid to the floor. Made me want to cry. About $500 down the drain. Not sure if it would do any good to approach Home Depot with a claim, but it can’t hurt to try.

  39. I’ve found an easy way to remove Simple Mat! Use a hair dryer on the high setting, and keep the adhesive warm while peeling it away from the wall- so easy! It does leave adhesive residue though, so if anyone has a suggestion besides lighter fluid I would be grateful!

  40. My cousin had success with two backsplashes, so I had complete confidence going into it that Simple Mat was a good product. After purchasing 15 $15-glass tiles (w/stainless steal mosaics incl.), two simple mats, non-sanded grout (because if you don’t want to scratch up your stainless steal, you better not listen to the associates who tell you that the recommended grout is nonsanded), plus all of the other foolishness required on the back of the Simple Mat box. Anyway, I ambitiously took on the project solo. Half way through I started regretting that because it would have been nice for a second set of eyes to tell me if the tiles were level, but I digress. When I completed the tile instillation, it was beautiful, and I felt awesome due to the accomplishment. Because I was tired after hours of standing on my feet, I decided to grout it the next day. The box said I had 24 hours, and it wouldn’t be that many before I resumed. Six hours later I went downstairs, and two of my $15 tiles had fallen on the counter; one broke my vase. I was livid. I press them in again, turned the ac down and went to work. When I got home, guess what, more tiles down, so I began search for chronicles of fallen Simple Mats, and here I am. After reading a few posts, I saw that some said they had success after the grout, so I mustered the energy to take on that part. I just finished, so if there isn’t another post from me within a week, you’ll know it worked. Good luck, everyone!

  41. Hi
    I bought self-sticking glass tile sheets 12×12 that will be cut down to 4″x12″ to go along as a backsplash on the bathroom sink vanity. It states you can use extra adhesive can I use a thin amount of mortar on the wall before placing the tile?

    Thnak you from Missouri.

  42. A couple weeks ago I did our bathroom backsplash with great success, so on to the top of the shower. According to SimpleMat instructions glass tile 1″X1″ are acceptable. Three days ago I painted the area above our shower with mold killing paint, waited 2days, installed 1″X1″ tile. Went well, grouted immediately, looked perfect, until 2:30 am when we awoke to a crashing sound; the entire 3’x3′ section, then the second and third wall, still attached to the SimpleMat came crashing down.???? It took me 14 years to get my husband to agree to this now it’s a disaster. The hotline isn’t open on weekends so I’m screwed. Now what?!!!

  43. I noticed that half of the comments posted said it was wonderful and the other half said SimpleMat was horrible. Well…I think I know the answer.
    We had two kitchen walls to install tile backsplash. One wall had been painted. The other wall had been dry walled with Sheetrock and the joints taped and that is all. So, we started on the painted wall and the SimpleMat stuck incredibly well in fact, once it touched the wall, it could barely be removed. We installed the tiles and then left it ungrouted for 2 days and then installed the grout. It worked great and the tiles were stuck to the Simple Mat. Then, next we started to work on the Sheetrock (unpainted) wall. We put the SimpleMat on the wall and when we pulled the paper off to stick the tiles, the SimpleMat fell off the wall. That was the answer! SimpleMat fails if your wall is even slightly dusty or has not been primed or painted.
    So, if you want success with SimpleMat, PRIME YOUR WALLS FIRST.
    The instructions say to have a dust-free surface. They need to emphasize that more because that is the trick!

  44. How can I remove tile from wall that has been set with simple mat? It’s already grouted and has been in place over 6 years, we want to remodel??
    Is it impossible to remove from wall made of sheet rock and not backer board?

  45. I’ve used this twice now on two different bathroom backsplashes. I’ve never tiled anything before. At all. I had no interest in learning how to use thinset so I picked this up and thought “what the heck.” One time was with meshed back glass mosaic tiles and one was with 2 X 3 ceramic subway tiles. Both times were on painted walls and simplemat worked just fine. This stuff is so unbelievably sticky, I can’t imagine how people had tiles fall off. Obviously they did, or they wouldn’t have left comments! But it worked for me.

  46. This was used in my wide body 76′ houseboat for two stone back splashes; one is the 18″ kitchen backsplash, and the other is a 3’x3′ bar backsplash. A houseboat is obviously not stable like a house, as they float on the water. It is holding fine on SMALL, interlocking stacked stone, however there is a large interlocking stone pattern on the wall of the bar and it is not holding. The very large, interlocking tiles keep falling off every few weeks. It’s necessary to check them and press on each piece. So be advised there is a weight limit to this product.

  47. I did my backsplash with marble mosaic and Island with glass ceramic on top of the old tiles and backsplash ceramic porcelain in the bathroom and my jet and got crazy use a stone tiles in my shower on the floor amazingly still there after 12 years with no problem just make sure to clean it and no shine I clean it with the cleaner i purchased in home depot I am on my next project ,if i grade it 1to 10 it is 10 for me ,it is just me ,again clean even not shiny ,i got conpliments on mine

  48. How can I remove simplemat and tile off wall. Want to replace tile and use simplemat again. Doing some renovation. Thanks

  49. Just to let everyone know. I installed my glass tile backsplash using Simple Mat. It’s been 8 years and no problems. Never had any issues. Maybe everyone with issues used too big of a tile size. Mine are 1×2 glass tiles with the mesh backing.

  50. I installed my Backsplash last Spring and I just discovered earlier this week that it was separating from the wall. The grout held well. The whole back splash came off in one piece. I am waiting for a response from the manufacturer on how to fix the situation. Heat sounds like a good option to get the SimpleMat off of the wall so I can start over.
    By the way, on the box of SimpleMat I used it says that it is good for use with ceramic, porcelain, stone or GLASS tile.


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