Rust Stain Remover: How to Treat Stubborn Stains

Rust stain on concrete floor
Untreated garage floors are known for developing stubborn stains.

Patsy recently moved into a new home and she’s dealing with some stubborn stains because one of the construction workers parked his car in her garage and his rusty radiator leaked onto the floor. Now, Patsy needs a reliable rust stain remover. 

She knows what won’t work — after all, the builder tried to clean the stains with Iron Out, and he attempted to pressure wash the garage floor, but so far, the stains haven’t budged.

That’s no surprise — rust (iron oxide) is often the key ingredient that professionals use to stain a concrete floor, and concrete stains aren’t meant to be removed.

The big problem here is that the builder didn’t seal the concrete floor, so the stains soaked right in. 

If Patsy tries to stain the concrete, it won’t cover up the rust, and the stain’s darkness doesn’t matter; the rust will still show through. 

So, is there a magic rust stain remover? Well, we recommend trying a few approaches.

First, Patsy can take a few items from her kitchen to clean this mess. For instance, look for a stiff-bristle brush and some white vinegar. Pour in the white vinegar and let it sit for 20 minutes, and then scrub it with the brush. 

Another natural option she might try is to cut a lemon in half and rub it into the rust stain. Allow the lemon juice to remain on the concrete for a while before hosing it off.

If neither option works, she could shop for an industrial-strength rust stain remover. Patsy should check out the website, and look for a product called Singerman Laboratories Concrete Rust Remover.

So, what can you do if something spills on your garage floor? 

Try this: first, soak up oil spills by pouring kitty litter on the oil and then use a brick to grind the kitty litter up to make it more absorbent. Leave the kitty litter on the oil for 20 minutes or longer before sweeping it up.

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