How to Repair Loose Laminate

Tens of thousands of kitchens in the United States have plastic laminate countertops. These tops have been around for decades, but over time laminate edges have been known to pull away. It can be due to water damage, improper installation, or it’s a corner that sees a lot of rough traffic and handling.

Instead of waiting until someone inadvertently breaks it off, try this. Take a cotton cloth and place over the loose strip and use a hot iron – without steam – to reactivate the glue on the back. In many cases, this will be enough to make the piece stick again.

But, if there isn’t enough glue to re-stick the piece, you can pick up a small bottle of contact adhesive at the hardware store that has a built-in brush. Gently pry the piece away from the edge, apply adhesive on both the edge and back of the laminate, wait 60 seconds, then press back into place.


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