Homemade Tile Alignment Tool

Simple Solution

Danny Lipford laying ceramic tile floors in a bathroom
Create your own tile alignment tool

When tiling a floor, it’s important to set all the tiles flush and even to prevent a raised edge or lip that would be uncomfortable underfoot or possibly cause a tripping hazard. To ensure a flush installation, make a simple alignment tool from a 10- to a 12-in.-long piece of 2×6. Bevel-cut one end of the 2×6 to 45º to form a sharp, angled point. Then, after setting a few tiles—and before the mortar hardens—slide the block along the floor leading with the beveled end. The sharp bevel will catch on any tile that’s even slightly out of alignment. Place the block on top of the raised tile and tap it with a mallet to lower the offending tile.


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