Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | March 7, 2020

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Danny Lipford and Joe Truini

Listener Questions

Scratch Marks on Vinyl Siding
vinyl siding
There are options to hiding scratches on vinyl siding.
Linda has a 75-year-old bungalow style home with vinyl siding.  She recently hung a large metal decorative star on the outside. Following a big wind storm, the star left unsightly scratch marks on the siding. Using an artist’s brush she could try to blend the paint with a matching color.  If she’s dealing with aluminum siding the scratches could come off easier provided she sand, paint, and prime the walls.

Stubborn Stain on a Garage Floor
Matt and Tara Armbruster's messy garage, before the makeover
Untreated garage floors are known for stubborn stains.
Patsy recently moved into a new home. Evidently one of the workers parked his car in the garage and his rusty radiator leaked onto the floor and stained it.  The builder tried to clean it with Iron Out and pressure washing but so far it hasn’t budged. Patsy could start with a stiff bristle brush and some white vinegar. If this doesn’t work she could shop for an industrial-strength rust removal product.  Patsy should check out the website, and look for a product called Singerman Laboratories Concrete Rust Remover.

Termite Awareness

Dr. Jim Fredericks
Danny, Joe, and Dr. Jim Fredericks talk all about termites.
Heading into “Termite Week” Danny and Joe spoke with expert entomologist Dr. Jim Fredericks about the dangers this pest poses on your house. Termites are silent destroyers and cause up to 5 billion dollars in property damage each year. And, they are most active when it’s warm so with the cold weather behind us for most of the country, now is the time to start thinking about termites. We talk about termites around the country, subterranean and Formosa termites, and what attracts them to homes. Learn more by visiting

Simple Solution

Create a Support Platform with an Ironing Board

If you’ve ever had to work inside a sink cabinet, you know it can be a real pain. The kitchen floor is three or four inches lower than the inside of the cabinet and the hard edge at the bottom of the cabinet hits you right in the middle of the back or on your neck. What you need is a platform, something that you can lay on to ease that transition between the floor and the sink cabinet. 

Corner of a bedroom
Most homes have at least one room corner that’s been damaged by a run-in with a vacuum cleaner or a tricycle.
How to Replace a Dented Corner Bead

Most homes have at least one room corner that’s been damaged by a run-in with a vacuum cleaner, tricycle or little leaguer’s bat. Small dents can often be concealed with a little joint compound, but in most cases, it’s best to just replace the damaged section of the metal corner bead. Here’s how! 

Best New Products

High-Efficiency Washing Machine
GE High-Efficiency Top Loading Washing Machine
Infusor design provides excellent cleaning results every wash
There is no way to escape dirty clothes. So, when you’re doing the laundry, it’s good to have a machine that fits your specific laundry needs.  But what if there was a washer that fit every laundry need!  The High-efficiency top-loading washing machine from GE has more features on it than a swiss army knife!  

Products Mentioned

GE National Gypsum Singerman Laboratories



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