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Having colorful tile can make any space pop – whether that be indoor or outdoor – but after an extensive amount of time, the color can fade. There are several ways however to bring your tile back to life!

One method is to simply buy tile cleaner and mix it or you can make your own!

The first step to make your own concentrate is to get a bucket of hot water. Then add some lemon juice and ammonia. Once it is well mixed, get a stiff bristle brush and start scrubbing!

Another method is to rent a floor polisher that can be used on tile. This method would probably get your tile as clean as you possibly could get it. If you choose this method, tell your rental service what kind of tile you have so they can set you up with the correct materials like the correct abrasive and padding!

Watch Joe use his own method of cleaning tiles here!

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Simple Solutions

Homemade Trivet — Protect furniture surfaces by making a trivet from a leftover ceramic tile. Start by spraying a light coating of cooking oil spray onto a piece of wax paper.

Then, lay two paint sticks or tongue depressors across the wax paper. Next, use a hot-melt glue gun to put a ½-in.-dia. a dab of hot glue onto each back corner of the tile. Then, immediately press the tile down onto the wood sticks.

The sticks serve as spacers to ensure that each glue pad is exactly the same thickness. And the cooking oil prevents the glue from sticking to the wax paper. Let the glue harden for a few minutes, then peel off the wax paper. 

Stay-Put Seat Cushions — Tie-on seat cushions are available for making hard wooden chairs much more comfortable to sit upon. The problem is that the cushions have a tendency to slide around and shift out of position.

To help the cushions stay put, place a piece of non-slip carpet padding under the cushion. Use the kind of padding that comes as a rubbery mesh.

Question of the Week

Q: How often should I flush/drain my electric water heater for preventative maintenance?

A: Most manufacturers recommend flushing the water heater out 6 to 12 months. If you have extremely hard water you should flush it out more often as you collect more hard water deposits in the tank. If you flush it out at least once a year you’re doing it more than most people!

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