New Weed Killer, a Shrinking Floor & Behind-The-Scenes of the Today’s Homeowner TV Show | Ep. 32

Unhealthy grass

On this week’s podcast:

• Hear about a new method to kill weeds. This information surfaced after a homeowner accidentally created brown spots in her grass with bug spray.
• We help a listener who needs to remove water stains from a newly refurbished piece of furniture.
• A homeowner’s vinyl plank floor is starting to shrink. Listen to learn what may be causing this problem at her house.

• Danny and Joe talk with longtime Creative Director and Producer of the Today’s Homeowner Television show, Scott Gardner. Hear about some of the obstacles the crew faced when taping the latest episode involving a recycled patio.
• Joe has a Simple Solution that will help you make perfectly square crosscuts with your circular saw.

Question of the Week:

Jackie from Pennsylvania writes, “I have a home built in the early 1960s. The interior walls are made of a fiberboard that shows seams. The walls seem to absorb moisture when it’s damp outside and the house smells musty.

“I’d love to have drywall or wood walls but am unsure if it’s safe to remove this fiberboard let alone the mess and dust. Any suggestions?”

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