Did you know that one of the most crucial elements of a home’s foundation is a subfloor?

It’s true! 

Subfloors bear the weight of people, furniture, and appliances. A good subfloor is made of quality materials, is water-resistant, vapor permeable, and can last the lifetime of your home. 

LP Legacy Subfloor
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With so many brands of subfloor on the market, it can be difficult to pick one that’s right for your home. So chances are you’ve come here because you’re looking at two quality subflooring brands: LP Legacy and Advantech. 

Can’t decide between the two? Let’s compare! 

It’s LP Legacy Subfloor vs Advantech. Will these two subflooring brands stand up against each other or will one prove to be the best subfloor?

Keep reading this article to find out.

LP Legacy Subfloor Overview

For more than 40 years, LP Legacy has specialized in developing new building solutions. This brand uses basic building principles to create some of the strongest and stiffest subfloor panels on the market. 

Advantech Overview

Although Advantech subflooring looks like plywood, its high-quality performance is worth the investment. For years, builders have trusted Advantech for its moisture resistance, strength, and durability. This brand guarantees you won’t hear a squeak after installation. 

Material Breakdown

Basic subfloor material consists of plywood, which is made from two (or more) thin wooden boards called plies. When pressed together, the boards become water-resistant, making them the perfect solution for building a strong home floor. 

So let’s look at LP Legacy subfloor vs Advantech. What materials do they use in their subflooring solutions that make them the best choice? 

LP Legacy subfloor products use a specially developed, PS2-certified oriented strand board (OSB). 

Each subfloor panel is made from stranded and dried logs. The dried logs are bonded together and coated with several LP Legacy water-resistant adhesives. This includes Gorilla Glue resins and a unique edge seal that gives LP Legacy subfloors their strength and durability. The material used to make an Advantech subfloor includes a special blend of advanced polyurethane bonds, moisture-resistant resins, and high wood density. Some Advantech subfloor materials also include a unique water-shedding barrier that protects the panel surface from discoloration, delamination, and flaking.

Subfloor Longevity

The longevity of your home’s subfloor depends on a variety of factors. However, on average, a subfloor will last the lifespan of the home (20 to 30 years). 

Here’s how LP Legacy and Advantech subfloor products compare. 

LP Legacy offers rigorously tested subfloor products. In fact, the company tests its subfloor panels at a standard that is higher than what is required in the industry. LP Legacy subfloors are APA-verified as one of the strongest subfloor panels you can buy. 

As a result, LP Legacy is confident that its subfloors will last the lifetime of your home. 

Advantech also developed subfloors that also last a lifetime. 

Using a combination of elements from material to installation, Advantech subflooring is designed to bear the weight of appliances, furniture, and more– for decades, not just years.

Subfloor Moisture Resistance

Moisture resistance is crucial for your home’s subfloor. If moisture seeps into the subfloor, it causes swelling and warping. As a result, the floor loses its strength, making it dangerous to walk on. 

It’s time to compare. LP Legacy subfloor vs Advantech– which is the best at keeping moisture away? 

LP Legacy coats their subflooring product with advanced waterproof resins. The benefit of this technology is that the subflooring edges won’t swell. If the subfloor gets wet, the floor remains strong and sturdy. 
The special resins Advantech uses to make its subflooring is also particularly good at resisting moisture. This subflooring stands up against rain, snow, and even ice. When tested, Advantech subfloors maintain their strength and won’t flake or swell.

Subfloor Vapor Permeability

It’s impossible to keep all the moisture out of your home’s subflooring. That’s why subfloors also need to include a way to measure vapor permeability. A permeable barrier keeps water out of the subfloor but allows water vapor to pass through. 

So how do LP Legacy and Advantech subfloors stack up against vapor permeability?
All LP Legacy and Advantech subfloors are PS-2 compliant OST wood structural panels. What this means is that the product follows an industry standard and contains a vapor barrier at 1 permeability or less.


LP Legacy offers a comprehensive Lifetime Limited Warranty that covers most subfloor products. Customers receive this Lifetime Limited Warranty starting on the day of installation. It includes a 30-day claim period before any permanent repairs start. 

For an LP Legacy subfloor warranty to apply, the product must be installed correctly, using the provided installation instructions.  

Advantech subflooring offers several warranties on their products. 

  • A 10-year squeak-free limited warranty that protects customers from squeaky floors after installation. 
  • Lifetime limited warranty. 
  • 500-Day Weather Guarantee. Protects the customer from delamination, cupping, and swelling within the first 500 days of installation.

Subfloor Price Comparison

Pricing out a subfloor depends on many factors. The total cost depends on where you live, material availability, and the square footage you want to cover. 

According to Forbes, a small section of home subfloor repairs cost between $500 and $700. To completely replace the subfloor in a small room, you’re looking at $6000 to $10,000. 

Both LP Legacy and Advantech subfloor products cost more than plywood. Depending on the type of plywood, both brands can cost at least twice as much. 
An LP Legacy subfloor panel costs around $45 per panel. Depending on the size of the subfloor panel you buy, the cost for an Advantech subfloor panel is $20.00 – $28.00. When buying in bulk, the price reduces to around $17 – $26 per sheet.

How to Choose the Best Subfloor Option for Your Home?

Moisture resistance, vapor permeability, strength, and durability are all factors that help you decide the best subfloor option for your home.

Both LP Legacy Subfloor and Advantech sell subfloor products that offer quality water-resistant, vapor permanence options that will last as long as your home. 

So when it comes to LP Legacy Subfloor vs Advantech, the real difference comes in at price. 
LP Legacy subfloor appears more expensive, but the quality of the subfloor ensures you don’t need to replace your subfloor a second time. Advantech subflooring comes in as the more affordable option, with a quality product that will also last a lifetime.

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