Hexagon saltillo tile is one of the hotter options for people who want to get a more Southwestern or Spanish ambiance to their home. Known for having a gorgeous terra cotta bronze hue, saltillo tiling remains both timeless and pointedly elegant. Of course, getting that tile in your home can be daunting, especially if you are not sure what you want to do with the tiling. 

Before you run to the hardware store or hire a builder, take a look at these cool design ideas for hexagon saltillo tile. You might find a new concept that is perfect for your home.

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1. Classic Spanish Decor Saltillo Hexagon Tiles

The most common way to use hexagon saltillo tiling is as a contrast to white walls and chestnut cabinetry. It’s a classic style often found in Spanish villas as well as Mexican mansions. We suggest adding a splash of color featuring blue—similar to the tile backsplash you can find in this photo above.

2. Rising Stairs

Most people think that Mexican saltillo tiling is something that can only be used as flooring in a Spanish-style home, but it’s not. Here, we see a savvy interior designer who decided to use hexagon saltillo tiles for the risers of their stairs. This gave the home a sense of continuity when it came to their flooring.

3. Modern Black And Ceramic

Many people find the idea of an all white kitchen paired with hexagon tiling to be a bit jarring. It doesn’t have to be this way. Here, we see larger saltillo tiles as a kitchen floor, paired with brushed ceramic tiling and modern black cabinetry. This modern saltillo tile design gives your home a more modern look, especially if you choose faded saltillo rather than the traditional bolder, orange look. 

4. Feeling Blue?

The beauty of saltillo tile is the fact that it has such a rich, distinctive coloration. Traditionally, it is a bold orange-red, not too unlike brick red. This makes it a great tool for people who want to add a little contrast. Blue and saltillo work beautifully here thanks to this lovely kitchen island and the wall mural in the hallway. 

5. Wow, Wow, Wicker!

Hexagonal saltillo tiles can pair well with small square tiles for a more action-packed room. Here, that patterned floor is accented through tons of wicker, straw, and wooden furniture pieces. This alone gives it an earthy, exotic ambiance. The plants? Oh, they just turned this room into a jungle hideaway.

6. Climb Up Cool

When people think of saltillo tile, they tend to assume it’s flooring. Here, that is the case, but the designer also decided to put a twist on it. The hexagonal shape offers a cool way to add a geometric accent to walls. This particular corner has a “climbing tile” aspect that makes for a seriously funky accent wall.

7. A Perfect Patio

Oh, isn’t this gorgeous? This photo is proof that hexagonal saltillo tile doesn’t have to be an indoors-only material. It’s all about pairing it with the right surroundings. The cream color of the walls and warm neutral accents make for an incredible covered patio setting. 

8. A Burst Of Blue

Traditional saltillo tile is brown, but you don’t have to stick to tradition if you don’t want to. There’s a new vanguard of saltillo tile makers who are painting this ceramic in bright and bold colors. Here, we see hexagonal saltillo tile painted a rich cobalt blue and white, arranged in a starburst shape, then added to a bathroom wall. It’s breathtaking and modern. 

9. Nouveau Noir

If you’re a fan of cobalt blue tiling, wait until you see what happens when you get a dark grey coat of paint on hexagonal saltillo tiles. Grey and black accents have had a major uptick in popularity in recent years, especially when paired with crisp white and birch accents. This gorgeous style gives a great contrast and turns a backsplash into a room’s focal point.

10. Flower Power

Spanish saltillo tiles are a common choice for bathrooms and kitchens, but you don’t have to stick to traditional orange if you don’t want to. Here, we see traditional tiles mixed with beige painted tiles, arranged in a cute floral pattern in a corner of a standing shower. It’s sweet, slightly retro, and easy to mimic.

11. Gladly Gradient

Saltillo tiles are not a one-color-fits-all type of deal. It’s possible to find saltillo tiles in a wider range of natural terra cotta (or brick) hues. Here, we see a crafty designer who decided to use that variation in color to create a more textured look to the bathroom floor. It also carries a subtle gradient look, which actually adds more dimension to the bathroom as a whole.

12. Moroccan Accents

While saltillo tile is mostly a Spanish thing, many different cultures have used this type of tiling in their own palettes. Saltillo tile ideas can be found throughout the European and Middle Eastern world. Here, we see a North African-style bathroom from Morocco with hexagonal saltillo floors, turquoise tiling, and mosaic accents. How colorful!

13. Total Contrast

The orange glow of saltillo tilling is perfect for adding a contrast. In this home, an interior designer took a nod to one of the most popular color combinations in Southwestern homes: orange and turquoise. The hexagonal saltillo tile flooring was matches with an orange shelf and tub. To contrast the orange, the walls were painted a highly saturated turquoise hue. It’s gorgeous!

14. Circular Logic

This cute kitchen brings saltillo tiles in multiple shapes together—and yes, the centerpiece shape here is a hexagon. Like other entries on this list, the designer used the slightly different colorations of the tile to add texture and gradient charm to the flooring. The difference here is that the tiles were arranged to look like chainmail or concentric circles. It’s a coastal look that works wonders here.

15. Pretty In Pink

Saltillo tiling is usually a darker brown, but it is possible to find some pale beige or even pink-beige options on the market. If this is the type of color you’ve chosen for your tiles, you can turn your courtyard or terrace into a scene that looks like it’s straight out of a Mediterranean postcard. All you have to do is pair the tile with a pale pink house exterior.

16. Golden Hues

It’s a miracle! Saltillo tiling can actually help tone down the boldness of honey oak or pine cabinets. This entire bathroom features warm beige tones that help make the home more inviting and cozy. Meanwhile, the wall against the sinks adds a little contrast with its faded blue print. It’s stunning and surprisingly harmonious.

17. It’s A Mint Look

Hexagonal saltillo tile has a look that’s similar to terra cotta—which is a great thing for most color combinations featuring pastel shades. This room was given a stylish and unexpected twist through the use of traditional saltillo tiles paired with a light mint green ceiling.

18. Dual Color Sweetness

If you love the idea of hexagonal tile in multiple colors, why not use hexagonal saltillo tiling as a way to split your flooring. Here, we see saltillo-colored hexagonal colors on half of the kitchen’s floor on the top level of the room. On the bottom level rests brushed grey porcelain tile cut in the same size and shape as the saltillos up top. It splits the room in two in a clean way.

19. Say It In Mosaic

Mexican saltillo tile looks amazing paired with other tiles. In this restaurant, light saltillo tiles were paired with individually handpainted square tiles. The variety of the tiles helped add a cool element of customization that is hard to find these days. This idea might be best for someone who wants to keep things looking artsy. 

20. Oh, Olive!

Styling hexagonal saltillo tiles often means choosing a color palette that works with saltillo tiles or with the home. Most people don’t think of this color combination, but traditional saltillo tiling works beautifully with a light sage green color palette. Here, we see a kitchen with sage green lacquer cabinetry and saltillo tiling. 

21. Light My Fire

Mexican saltillo tiling is beautiful in almost any home setting, but few people really give it the love it deserves in rooms like a lounge or living room. Here, we see saltillo tiling offering a fire safe surrounding for a sculpted fireplace. When the fireplace is lit, you can bet that the warmth of the saltillo tiling will make this place look extra cozy. 


Are you a fan of the exotic flair that saltillo tiling can offer? We are, too. The truth is that the possibilities for hexagonal saltillo tiling remain endless. All you need to do is find a concept that makes your heart sing!

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