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While installing some types of flooring—such as hardwood and carpet—are best left to professionals, laying laminate flooring is very DIY-friendly. In this episode Danny helped a homeowner install a floating laminate floor in a laundry room. The flooring used was Major Brand Petrified Forest Cedar from the St. James Collection.

Installing Laminate Flooring

The first step in installing the laundry room laminate floor was disconnecting and removing the washer, dryer, and water heater.

Next, a utility knife was used to cut through the paint between the shoe and baseboard moldings, and a flat pry bar used to carefully remove the shoe molding.

Flooring Tip:

When removing nails from molding, use pliers to pull the nails out of the back of the molding to keep from damaging the face.

Quick setting floor patch was used to fill a gap left by a damage piece of flooring. When mixed with water, floor patch hardens in less than 10 minutes, so it’s important to work fast.

A special underlayment pad made for laminate flooring was rolled out over the floor, and the seams in the pad were taped together before the flooring was installed.

Underlayment pads are used to:

  • Even out any imperfections in the subfloor.
  • Cushion the floor for a softer feel.
  • Act as a moisture barrier.
  • Make the floor quieter.

Installing laminate flooring on top of underlayment pad.
Installing laminate flooring on top of underlayment pad.

Rather than fitting the flooring around the door frame, the casings and jambs are cut off and the flooring slipped underneath.

To cut the bottoms of door frames for flooring:

  • Place a piece of the new flooring upside down on the floor next to the door frame.
  • Use a handsaw to cut through the door casings and jambs on the frame.
  • A chisel can then be used to remove the pieces of casing if necessary.

Since laminate flooring can expand and contract with seasonal changes, it’s important to leave a gap between the walls and floor around the perimeter of the room.

To install laminate flooring:

  • Cut the ends of each row of flooring to length.
  • Lock the tongue and groove end joints together first.
  • Lock the tongue and groove edge joints in place.

After the flooring had been installed, a threshold was cut to length and applied to the doorway to act as a transition between the two floors.

Once the shoe molding was nailed in place to cover the gap between the baseboards and walls, the washer, dryer, and water heater were hooked back up.

Watch our video on How to Install Laminate Flooring to find out more.

Before and after laundry room laminate flooring project.
Before (left) and after (right) laundry room laminate flooring project.

Cleaning Carpet

While you can clean carpet yourself, hiring a professional to do the job usually produces better results.

When hiring a carpet cleaner:

  • Find out the type of system used. Truck mounted systems are best.
  • See if moving the furniture is included in the price.
  • Make sure any stains will be pretreated before cleaning.
  • Since detergent can attract dirt, consider using just steam for cleaning.

Watch our video on How to Spot Clean Carpet to find out how to remove a stain from carpet using baking soda and water.

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