Behind the DIY: An Alternative to Expensive Flooring

painted subfloor
Painting a subfloor is an affordable alternative to adding store-purchased flooring.

If you don’t like your floors, there’s an easy, affordable alternative to covering them: paint them!

You can paint wood flooring, as one option, but if you just have the subfloor to work with, you can paint that, too.

“We did it as a temporary measure [just right over the subfloor] in two bedrooms but we like it so much (as do others) we have left it,” TH fan Joe Mckeehan says.

Before the change, each of the 11-by-11 rooms had 10-year-old builder-grade carpet.

Painted office subfloor
This painted floor is contrasted with an area rug.

Painting the Manchester, Tennessee home’s subfloors and applying oil-based polyurethane cost just $175 — less than $1 per foot.

“The look is kinda cool — call it ‘minimalistic’ or ‘low impact,’” Joe says.

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