A great way to give your bathroom a quick update is to change the flooring. With new types of modern flooring that will stand up to getting wet beautifully there’s no reason to keep that boring old tile in your bathroom. Fresh flooring can totally change the look and feel of your bathroom without breaking your budget. 

Here are some of the best new flooring choices to consider for your bathroom.

Innovative Bathroom Flooring Choices For Your Home

1. Waterproof Vinyl Bathroom Flooring

Bathroom Flooring
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Waterproof vinyl flooring has the gorgeous look of real wood but it’s easy to clean and impervious to water. If you choose waterproof vinyl flooring for your entire main floor you can use that same waterproof vinyl flooring in your powder room or laundry room to give continuity to your main floor which will make the space seem bigger and more cohesive.

Parents who have small children will love the durability of waterproof vinyl flooring. Pet owners also will love this flooring because it is so easy to clean but looks fabulous. There are many color choices so you can find one that fits with the design aesthetic of your home. 

2. Laminated Bathroom Flooring

Bathroom Flooring
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Laminate flooring is a great choice if you have a little more money in your budget and want flooring that has a more luxurious look but is still durable. Build Direct’s Lamton Laminate Pearl Collection is designed to have planking and grain lines that mimic the planking and grain lines of real wood so it looks like hardwood flooring. It’s easy to install also with a simple interlocking system that means you can transform your bathroom in one afternoon. Having wood look flooring in your bathroom will turn a sterile white bathroom into a warm inviting space. 

3. Distressed Hardwood Bathroom Flooring

Bathroom Flooring
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Many people don’t realize that you can put hardwood floors in your bathroom. Generally hardwood doesn’t hold up well in humid environments but if your bathroom is well-ventilated or if it’s a half bath with no tub or shower distressed hardwood flooring is fine to use.

The rustic look of distressed hardwood is very on trend right now and it gives a simple elegance to the bathroom that is hard to beat. If you want to have a powder room on the main floor or a bathroom in your guest area that looks beautiful and luxurious then distressed hardwood is a great choice. 

4. Wood-Look Tile Bathroom Flooring

bathroom flooring
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For homeowners that want the benefits of tile but the warm rich look of wood the best flooring choice for the bathroom is wood-look tile flooring. This flooring has the same natural colors and tones as real wood flooring but it’s easy to replace if one tile breaks and it has great durability. Rectangular tiles in different lengths will mimic the look of hardwood flooring. You can choose a different color grout for contrast or match the grout to the tile color to make the floor look totally seamless. 

When choosing flooring for the bathroom remember that since you are working with a smaller space you can probably afford to upgrade the flooring in your bathroom. Trying a flooring that you like in the bathroom is also a great way to see if you like the color and the durability of the flooring before installing it throughout the entire home. 

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