Flooding in Atlanta

Rain Rain go away, come again another day.
17th Century Nursery Rhyme

Living in Atlanta all of my life, and that’s a long time folks, I have never witnessed what I have these past few days. Ever hardened by the drought that has plagued this city for years, I truly couldn’t believe the downpour of rain we’ve received, especially since Sunday evening.

Now my daughter, Hannah, will tell you it was a great break getting out early on Monday and having no school on Tuesday due to the weather. She and her friends are planning their homecoming evening, so it just gave them extra time to call around the restaurants in town to make dinner reservations and search online for shoes and accessories to their lovely dresses.

But did they, as recently licensed drivers, understand the gravity of the situation? After all, there weren’t road closed in our immediate neighborhood. No one they knew got stuck in their cars by flood waters and only a handful reported that their basements had a bit of water on the floor.

Still . . . I wanted her to understand fully the risk and safety involved in dealing with Mother Nature…this Mother, while wonderful and very giving, could be devastating in just a moments notice.

Here’s a link to a slideshow of flood pictures in the area around and at Six Flags Over Georgia, just west of the city. This was the place of my youth. Not only, as a kid, could I not sleep the night before a visit, but it became my summer employer from the time I was 16 until I was 21. Many great years were spent here.

In one of the photos you are looking at the guest parking lot . . . right where my sister and I would drive the tram to take you to and from your car. The only way I could know this is by the white pole markers standing out of the water telling you the section you have left your car. And the roller coasters . . . well, the picture speaks for itself.

I read an article on FOX News of a woman in Gwinnett County who was coming home from working the graveyard shift only to be swept away in the flood waters from the creek less than half a mile from her house. Calling 911, she was told to remain calm, help was on the way. Due to the heavy rains and darkness, rescuers couldn’t find her in time, and she lost her life.

I am heartbroken for the families of the five folks who lost their lives this week. I am saddened by all the destruction so many are facing today as they try to clean up the mess. All these people are in my prayers, and I hope in your as well.


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