Five Easy Garden Plants to Grow from Seed

Sunflower flower.
Giant sunflower nodding hello.

Plant #4: Sunflower

Who doesn’t love sunflowers? These majestic plants make quite a statement in the garden, and they’re amazingly easy to grow. Many varieties are available, from polite dwarfs to towering giants.

Sunflowers are annuals, so they’ll need to be replanted each spring; but that’s easy enough to do by harvesting the thousands of seeds they produce, if you can keep the birds from eating them all!

Sunflowers don’t transplant well, so it’s better to wait and plant them directly outside in a full sun location. Sow the seeds about 1” deep and at least 18” to 24” apart after the last frost when soil temperatures are at least 50° F.

Sunflowers sprout in about two weeks. Because the seeds are so large and the flowers so dramatic, this is another plant that kids love to grow.


  1. I have been trying everything I read on websites to make my Gardenia Bush to come back to a really nice bush. Every website says something different. So I am not sure what I need to do to get it back to a full bush. It has hardly any leaves and never flowered last year. Also, I had a really huge Aloe Vera plant and the freeze got it, even covered up. It is now trying to make some new sprouts, but some are coming out of where the humungous leaves were. And they have all gooey leaves which are dying, but new leaves are coming out from the awful looking plants. I want to remove the big dead plant leaves which are now attached to the stalk. I used garden shears to cut all the dead (frozen) leaves from the plant, via info on the web, It looks really terrible and it was so magnificent. I would like to get it back to where it would grow back like it was but I really need some progressional help on how to do it.
    Jo Hancock


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