5 Common DIY Mistakes to Avoid

Drawing plans

DIY Mistake #4: Bad Budgeting

Many over enthusiastic DIYers start a job without enough advance planning or taking into account all the expenses that will be involved.

How To Avoid This Mistake – Before you buy a single screw or nail, go through the entire project on paper, figuring all the materials you will need and the associated cost, then add 10% just to be sure. That way unexpected expenses won’t will come back to bite you halfway through the job.

Cutting board in miter saw

DIY Mistake #5: Take DIY Home Improvement Safety Seriously

Tackling DIY projects around your house can be an enjoyable hobby, but safety concerns should always be paramount. Simple things like poor ventilation when painting a room, haphazardly drilling screws into walls, or cutting a board that’s not properly supported can be extremely dangerous and lead to serious injury.

How To Avoid This Mistake – View any DIY project as a serious job, wear the proper safety equipment (gloves, earphones, safety glasses, and a respirator or dust mask if needed), take the necessary precautions during every task, and never do anything that could result in serious danger without consulting a professional first.

This guest post was written by Matt D’Alesio from Furnished Apartments.


  1. I have a slow draining sewer. I had a plumber come out with a camera. He ran a camera and then he ran a sewer augher down the drain. It almost got stuck but it did come out. He called his supervisor to come and look. His supervisor said run a smaller blade down. He did. Then I heard him call his boss that it broke off in the sewer. I ask him if I could see the big blade (the first one he used) he could not find it anywhere. Then he said maybe he didn’t change it. I said you told your boss you did because I heard you on the phone telling him “yes I made sure I had it real tight”. Then he said to me I have short term memory loss, I’ve had 14 concussions but it doesn’t affect my job. He said the blade would wash on through the pipe. I don’t see that happening since the sewer lines are old and collapsing. They said I needed the whole outside sewer replaced. I have called the BOSS to see if they could run a magnet down to get the blade out. they said no. I live by myself and I have no drain issues until I have a lot of company at once. With everyone taking showers in the morning the water wont drain fast. I am NOT putting any paper in the sewer because I’m afraid it will all catch on the blade that fell off in there. Its winter and the ground is frozen. They quoted me 13000.00 to fix it. I am waiting for spring for the ground to thaw. Then they said it would be around 6500.00 Since the plumber lied to his boss and did not follow instruction and the blade broke off aren’t they responsible I can get by until spring but it irks me to have to put all the toilet paper in a bag (nasty) Please advise Thank you in advance.

  2. even though i don’t have this problem now it’s good info i relate to be taken advantage of they don’t realize we know when someone doesn’t know what there doing


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