Fixing a Flaking Chimney & Flooding Dishwasher | Ep. 17

spalling chimney
What can you do about a flaking, or spalling, chimney? We have the answer! (DepositPhotos)

On this week’s podcast, Danny and Joe discuss:

Chimneys with a homeowner in Montana who has a 1960s ranch home.
• What to use if you have concrete that isn’t level.
• How to repair a dishwasher that may be flooding a kitchen.
• Joe’s Simple Solution, which allows you to eliminate musty smells using an item from your laundry room.

Podcast Question of the Week:

Patrick from New Hampshire says, “Is it possible to paint an aluminum storm door? The reason why I ask is that the condo association where I live requires the trim color on the screen door to match the existing color which is blue.

“I have searched everywhere but cannot find a screen door that would meet that requirement.”

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