Fire Safety Contest Winners

House on fire.

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In light of the continued drought gripping the country and the recent California wildfires, it’s more important than ever to take every precaution possible when dealing with fire.

The winning entries in our Fire Safety Contest drove that point home with their cautionary tales demonstrating how easily things can go wrong. Each of our winners below will receive a Kidde Nighthawk smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, along with a second Kidde smoke alarm.

Winning Entries

“People often do not think about what could happen. While living in Alaska, my husband and I lived next to my in-laws. We go up early one morning and turned on the space heater to warm the room. We got a call from the family to come over and help with something a minute. We figured we would only be gone for a few minutes and left the space heater on. When we came back to the house about five minutes later, black smoke was pouring out the front door. No one was injured and the home was saved with only minor damage compared to what could have been, but things like pictures and a marriage quilt my husband’s great-grandmother made us was forever burned and damaged! It could happen anywhere, it could happen anytime, that’s what we learned. We also installed smoke alarms that were not in the house before the fire. It is better to be safe then sorry!”
Bobbye Fussell
West Monroe, Louisiana

“Last year in our development, 2 homeowners caused fires to their homes by removing hot embers from their wood burning stoves and depositing them outside. One left them on the deck and they burned thru the container and burned down 1/2 the house, and the other dumped them on the lawn and caught his siding on fire. Please, douse embers with water before leaving them unattended.”
Ann Babenco
High Bridge, New Jersey


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