Privacy Fence Ideas: Create a Secluded Space Outdoors

Privacy Fence Ideas – Costs


Spindles like these are nice decorate add-ons, but they can increase your fence’s cost.

The price of your privacy fence will depend on several factors.
They include:
•Fence height and property size
•Chosen material
•Add-ons, fancy patterns and decorative ornamentation
•For wood, the amount of lumber required will affect the price. The more you need, the higher the cost.
•Hourly labor and installation costs. A smaller fence takes less time to install – a bigger fence, more time.

Other costs include:

Permits – A permit may be required to install a new fence. Contact your local municipality to see if a permit is necessary and the cost.

Grading – If your yard has sloped, this can make fencing harder to install, which adds to labor costs.

Land Survey – If you measure your property improperly, you may end up building a fence on land that you don’t own. This may lead to a property rights issue with the neighbors next door. A miscalculation can also leave you short on fencing materials. Consider hiring a land surveyor to measure your property and determine boundaries. Fees range from $300 to $700.

Fence Pricing – From Low to High

•Chain-link and PVC are the most budget-friendly choices.
•Wood is cost-effective, but pricing will vary depending on the type of wood you choose.
•Vinyl usually costs more than wood. However, considering its long lifespan and little up-keep requirements, vinyl may be cheaper in the long run.
•Aluminum and wrought iron fencing are the most expensive options. Premium wrought iron fences are beautiful but are usually custom-made. The price will reflect the quality.
Each material will have unique installation costs depending on how complex the fence is to build on-site.


  1. We have 2 small dogs and it is impossible to keep grass in back yard looking good. Any ideas for ground cover, that would look nice and be easy to keep picked up and looking good. We don’t want concrete or blacktop

  2. Our new wood picnic table sits on the ground. How can I keep moisture from wicking up the legs so they don’t stay damp and rot?
    Thank you!


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