Privacy Fence Ideas: Create a Secluded Space Outdoors

What Are Privacy Fences Made Of?


Privacy fences are available in a wide range of materials – from PVC, to natural wood, to exotic bamboo.

Aluminum is an attractive fencing material, and it’s relatively maintenance free. But it is not advisable to install in areas that experience high winds or frequent extreme weather.

Natural wood is always a good choice – beautiful and welcoming. Depending on the species of wood you choose, a natural wood fence can last a lifetime.

Wrought iron makes a sturdy and attractive fence. But it will eventually need to be sanded and repainted — once every three years or so, depending on the weather.

PVC fencing is highly weather-resistant and long-lasting. Available in a wide variety of colors and heights, PVC is an economical choice. The material costs less because a smaller amount of wood is used in the design.

Vinyl is stain-resistant and available in a variety of shades. Vinyl fences are five times stronger than wood. Choose a high-quality vinyl, as an inexpensive choice may warp and yellow over time.

Bamboo – For an exotic, island feel, bamboo fencing fits the bill. Bamboo is eco-friendly and ideal for coastal and moist climates. Due to the organic quality (bamboo branches), bamboo fences are semi-private.

Composites provide responsible, recycled material – making a “greener” fence. Composite consists of plastic, wood and other recyclables. It is sturdy and performs well in extreme weather conditions and in a wide range of climates.

For questions about the best fence style and material for your yard, ask a local fencing pro.

For more information about fence materials, visit here.


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    Thank you!


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