February Lawn & Garden To-Do List

Printable To-Do List

If Candlemas Day be fair and bright,
Winter will have another flight,
If Candlemas Day be cloud and rain,
Then Winter will not come again

-Old English Proverb

February 2nd marks the official midpoint of winter, when many cultures look to folklore and tradition for signs of the coming spring.

Both Groundhog Day and Candlemas predict how long winter will last based on the weather on that day. If skies are clear, it’s taken as a sign that winter will remain for six more weeks while cloudy weather is believed to herald an early arrival of spring.

In mid-February, Zone 9 experiences the last frost of the season, and frost-free zones anticipate all the chores that mark the beginning of the growing season.

Throughout the month, watch forecasts closely to protect new plants from surprise late frosts – February is known for unpredictable weather and seasonal indecision.

February remains a winter month, with most plants either still dormant or just beginning to stir. Many of the chores from the January To-Do List can be continued along with the following items.

Trees and Shrubs

    • Continue to protect tender trees and shrubs before a freeze.
    • Prune roses as soon as the buds begin to swell.
    • If your roses are winterized, leave them covered until all danger of hard frost has passed.
  • Zones 7 and warmer can plant bare-root trees and shrubs, and zones 8 and higher can plant bare-root roses.

Bulbs emerging from snow

Perennials and Bulbs

    • Check stored tender bulbs every two weeks, discarding any rotten ones. If they look withered, lightly mist the packing medium with water.
    • Look for early bulb sprouts as a sign of spring!
    • Prune Group B and C clematis vines, but don’t prune Group A since they bloom early on buds produced at the end of last season.
  • Zones 8 and warmer can start planting ornamental grasses while Zones 9 and higher can plant summer-flowering bulbs and perennials outdoors.


  1. Lived in my house for 28 years, up until about 5 years ago, never had a mole problem, over these last five years they have been showing up and ruining my lawn, sometimes even the garden area as well, tried spraying and I think it works for a while but also think they get used to it, same with sonic devices, other than traps or poison do you know how to get rid of them?

  2. This year my lawn is covered with some kind of short clumps of green weeds. These are like grassy blades but they grow in clumps. What is this and what to use to clear it from my Bermuda lawn. ?

  3. I pruned my four rose plant in early December when we had good warm weeks. Every year, my rose plants produce hundreds of Red and pink roses. Some reds are with thick valet petals and are inter pollinated.

    thank you,

  4. where do you start pruning grape vines? My two grape vines are spread on six feet high four post top. do I prune from the plant or ??

  5. Do you clean solar light covers the same way as you clean landscaping lights? Each year I try to reuse them, but sometimes they are so scratched up and filthy they are unusable. Thanks so much.

  6. I have a grass or a bush kind of plant that has been invading Illinois. It will kill your regular grass if I don’t water and pull it out. It spreads underneath and will go over walls. I have not found anything that will kill it . I just have to keep removing it. I dig up weeds and rake and love to work outside. My neighbors let their leaves just do whatever. My husband is very cheap!!!! I built a rock wall with metal in it and some dry concrete. I was thinking of getting rocks and building a fence; are rock fences legal? I never see them>


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