Favorite Kitchen Products at KBIS 2014

One of the first booths I came across at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show was one that stuck with me throughout the day. It’s a one-product brand called Glideware. It’s a cabinet accessory that organizes pots and pans. Once it’s screwed in place inside a base kitchen cabinet, it pulls out with five adjustable hooks.

Glideware pullout slide.
Glideware pullout slide holding pots and pans.

The hooks can be adjusted to fit different-sized pots and pans or even mops and brooms. But my favorite part of their booth was the Glideware being used a bit differently…as a purse holder! That’s right, a gizmo to organize/hang/display purses! Ahhh, how awesome would that be! If I had one, I’m sure I’d get around to swapping out my purses a bit more often instead of using a black purse with brown boots. (Oh the horror!)

Glideware pullout slide holding purses.

Earlier in the week, I had heard about a new oven that had an Android tablet build in. So I made my way over to the Dacor appliances booth to see it in person. They have a wall oven and a standalone oven with this cool, new technology.

Dacor tablet oven

With the tablet you’re able to connect to the Internet and download apps from Google Play. While you may not want to stand in front of your oven playing Candy Crush (unless it’s cold outside and the oven is hot), you can download the Dacor iQ Cooking App.

It allows you to create different presets for some of your favorite dishes so they’re always cooked the way you like ’um! But…wait for it…this is my favorite part. You can connect to the oven with your smartphone, and turn it on FROM ANYWHERE!

Say you’re in the grocery store buying the ingredients for dinner. You can have your oven preheating as you’re swiping your card at the register. What?! That’s ah-mazing. I think the idea of not having to pull myself off the couch to preheat the oven sounds even more awesome…but that’s just me.

How often do you think you’d use the turn-it-on-with-your-phone feature? Or could you see a purse rack/pot rack in your house? Comment below!


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