Fall Update

Wow, has it ever been busy around here! I feel like an airplane that lands and takes off again without ever coming to a complete stop. There’s always plenty to do in the yard during the fall, and I have a couple of lawn-makeover projects under way, including my own.

I’m also spending a lot of time experimenting and researching for new ideas to bring to Around the Yard – I’m finding that I get a lot more yard work done when I’m preparing an article on the subject! This time of year, outdoors is the place to be, and I’m so grateful that my work leads me out into the fresh air.

In addition to chores, there’s plenty of playing to do as well. Mountain biking, hiking, picnics, walks, festivals, art shows, fall parties – so many fun options it’s hard to fit them all a day. Meanwhile, the earth is changing colors by the minute. I love the energy of the fall, even as I look forward to a quiet winter. I hope everyone is taking advantage of all the adventure autumn has to offer!


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