2018 Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Using spreader to fertilize lawn.

To-Do #6: Fertilize Your Lawn

Fall is a great time to fertilize your lawn as it provides grass with the nutrients required for the winter when the top layer of grass is dormant but the root systems continue to grow. During this period roots easily absorb and store the nutrients a good fertilizer will provide and fall fertilizing will also help your lawn “green-up” faster in early spring.

Depending on your part of the country and the type of grass you have, the correct fertilizer for your lawn many vary. However, almost all zones and lawn types require a fertilizer rich in nitrogen and phosphorus. Nitrogen affects the color, rooting, and disease resistance of a lawn, and a yellowish appearance may signal a nitrogen deficiency.

Phosphorus is the key for strong roots and a lawn deficient in Phosphorus may have an unusual tint that may be on the purple side. A lawn rich in phosphorus will fight disease better and be more tolerant to extreme elements.

For more on fertilizing your yard, check out our article on Fertilizer 101 or watch our videos on Fertilizer Selection and Fertilizer Application

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  1. Thanks for all the homecare tips! Hubby and I are first-time homeowners as of May 2015 so we appreciate all the help we can get!

  2. I like to put one of those many calendars Organization send you On the side and use that as my maintenance calendar.
    It reminds me of what month I did things such as Maintenance/ installed items.
    And I use it as a reminder of when to do them again the following year.

  3. I’m so glad you mentioned eyeballing the roof! So many people skip over this task. Definitely look for any signs of issues before bad weather approaches. If there are missing shingles or serious cracks, it is crucial to get this area sealed and water-proofed. It’s also a good idea to make notes comparing what your roof looks like in fall and then the following spring so you have a good idea of how much wear and tear you have sustained over the season. And if you haven’t had a routine inspection from a roofer in some time, it definitely doesn’t hurt to get a professional set of eyes up there for you.


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