2018 Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Danny Lipford replacing weatherstripping on side of door frame.

To-Do #2: Applying Weather Stripping

Apply weatherstripping at joints where two surfaces meet, such as around windows and doors, to give an airtight seal. There are several different types of weatherstripping and each has its benefits and drawbacks.

After you have chosen the appropriate weatherstripping, follow the instructions that came with it for proper application.

    • Tape: Lasts only one year and should only be used on windows or doors that will not be opened. Tends to dry and loosen within one heating season
    • Felt: Lasts only one or two years and should be used on top or side of doors or window frames for sealing gaps of uniform width
    • Foam: Lasts only one or two years and should be used on the bottom of window sashes or around the frame of a warped or loose-fitting door (wood-backed foam)
  • Vinyl Tubing: Lasts around five years and can be used on windows or doors.

For more information on caulking and weatherstripping, watch our video on How to Caulk and Seal Gaps and Cracks.

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  1. Thanks for all the homecare tips! Hubby and I are first-time homeowners as of May 2015 so we appreciate all the help we can get!

  2. I like to put one of those many calendars Organization send you On the side and use that as my maintenance calendar.
    It reminds me of what month I did things such as Maintenance/ installed items.
    And I use it as a reminder of when to do them again the following year.

  3. I’m so glad you mentioned eyeballing the roof! So many people skip over this task. Definitely look for any signs of issues before bad weather approaches. If there are missing shingles or serious cracks, it is crucial to get this area sealed and water-proofed. It’s also a good idea to make notes comparing what your roof looks like in fall and then the following spring so you have a good idea of how much wear and tear you have sustained over the season. And if you haven’t had a routine inspection from a roofer in some time, it definitely doesn’t hurt to get a professional set of eyes up there for you.


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