Fall Home Maintenance To-Do List

Sink faucet aerator.
Clean sink faucet aerators with vinegar to improve water flow.

Indoor Fall House Cleaning & Organizing

  • Garbage Disposal: Here's an easy way to clean and freshen your garbage disposal using nontoxic ingredients you probably have in your pantry. First, pour 1/2 cup of baking soda into the disposal. Follow this with a cup of white vinegar, and watch chemistry in action! Once the bubbles subside, pour in a pot of boiling water, and allow it sit for five minutes. Finally, run cold water through the disposal and turn it on to flush out any remaining debris. To keep funky smells at bay, turn the disposal on and run some lemon peel or juice and crushed ice through it.
  • Faucet Aerators: Vinegar is also great for removing sediment and mineral deposits from bathroom and kitchen sink faucet aerators. Simply unscrew the aerator from the faucet and soak it overnight in a bowl of white vinegar to dissolve any deposits and clean the aerator. Next day, screw the aerator back on the faucet, and enjoy the improved water flow.
  • Clothes Washer Water Line Filters: Your faucets aren't the only things that need help to keep the water flowing. The inlets for the water supply lines on your clothes washer have filters to keep dirt and debris from getting into the washer. If the water line filters become clogged, water won't flow as freely, and your washer will take longer to fill. To clean clothes washer water line filters, turn off the hot and cold water valves, and unscrew the supply lines from the washer. Use a squirt bottle and small stiff brush to remove dirt or sediment from the filters. Finally, reconnect the hoses and turn the water back on, making sure to check for leaks.

Fire burning in fireplace.

  • Fireplace and Chimney: Before lighting up your fireplace this year, it's a good idea to have the fireplace and chimney inspected to make sure they're safe. Be sure to hire a professionally certified chimney sweep to inspect the fireplace and chimney and provide cleaning services if needed. As a bonus, look for a professional who's also F.I.R.E. certified (Fireplace Investigation, Repair, and Education) to provide a thorough inspection of your fireplace and chimney. Generally chimneys need to be cleaned if there's a 1/4″ or more of creosote buildup inside the chimney.


    • Hi Debra,
      Glad to hear our to-do lists are of help! On the last page is a button for a printable version to print out and check them off.

  1. Hey Danny! Love your show what a blessing!! I have a large home. I’m a single Grandma raising 4 special needs grand kids. They are very high functioning. i would like to know how to start the kids in helping keep our home in top shape. Like planting flowers. And keeping the yard manicured and the trampoline always havehave pile of pinestraw on it. Are kids too young to help withwith home project?


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