Faced Insulation Problem in Attic Solved

I recently added an additional layer of faced fiberglass insulation to my attic. Since then I noted you stipulated unfaced insulation for the attic if you already have a layer of insulation. What should I do?-Rod

Hi Rod,

As you’ve discovered, since you already had insulation in your attic, the layer of new insulation you added should have been unfaced to prevent moisture from becoming trapped between the layers. The good news is that the solution to your problem isn’t that difficult.

Simply peel the facing paper off the top layer of insulation. Though you might loose a little of the insulation that sticks to the paper, with most brands of insulation, the facing will peel off easily. While you will have spent a little more in both time and materials on the project than if you’d used unfaced insulation to begin with, the results will be about the same.

Good luck with your project,



  1. Hello,

    Have question about insutaltion ….see attic insulation video. But did not see anything about insulation side wall inside attic to insulation. is it good to do ? and what’s the best options. Thanks

    • Hi Shilen,
      If you mean should you insulate the gable walls in an unfinished attic, it’s not necessary since the space isn’t heated or cooled.


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