Essentials for Comfort in the Great Outdoors

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As we strive to make ourselves and our families more active, one way to take advantage of impromptu outdoor time is to always have the necessities packed, ready and waiting in the truck of your car. Whether you have time for a serious trek, stroll at the beach or family picnic at the park, here a few tips as to what to pack in your “adventure bag” that are sure to enhance your outing.

Comfort is key for outdoor frolicking so go prepared – pack the essentials and don’t get bogged down. Remember to put on sunscreen and hydrate before you depart – fluids are heavy but you should bring water with you and a healthy snack such as granola bars or dried fruit. If you are planning a lengthy excursion, remember to bring a back-up battery for your cell phone, just in case.

Depending on how long you are planning to be out, take along some sunscreen for a second application, a sensible hat for sun protection and an extra layer for warmth in the cooler evenings. Evening Little League games can get cool but that is when the mosquitoes are hungry.

Here are a few tips that will add to your enjoyment:

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  • Make sure your guests do not include biting pests. Choose an area mosquito repellent to avoid DEET and messy sprays and lotions. ThermaCELL products are 98% effective in fighting mosquitoes, black flies and no see-ums, according to tests conducted by the U.S. Department of Defense. Both the lanterns and appliances are portable and create a 15′ x15′ comfort zone from biting insects. They work great for you and the people with you.
  • Don’t forget an extra pair of shades. Sun glasses with 100 percent UV protection protect your eyelids from skin cancer and prevent wrinkling around the eyes. Wearing shades can also prevent damage that leads to cataracts and macular degeneration. Children should wear sunglasses too as their eyes are most at risk of absorbing UV light, which harms the retina.
  • Bring your camera. Capture the image for a lifetime of enjoyment and sharing. Digital cameras are slim, lightweight, and easy to pack. If you don’t want to worry about your expensive camera, bring a disposable version as they will take surprisingly good pictures.

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  • Watch for ticks! More prevalent in the Northeast and Midwest, Lyme disease is caused by deer ticks and usually shows up in the form of a rash that looks like a bull’s eye. If you’re going to spend time outside, remember to tuck your pants into your socks, wear long sleeve shirts and do a thorough nightly tick check, including the scalp and creased areas like the back of the knee, where ticks like to feed.
  • Protect your lovely locks. The seasonal mix of chlorine, sea salt, wind and sun exposure can cause a bad-hair day. Prevent damage to your strands by applying a water-resistant, moisturizing spray containing palm oil or shea butter. After a swim, use a clarifying shampoo, or try a three-minute hair mask made of almond oil if your hair needs to be repaired.

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