Ep 35. DIY Screened in Porch Tips, Tub Paint Peeling, & Drill Bit Depth Gauge

On this week’s podcast:

•  We’re helping a homeowner that wants to screen in a porch. The job doesn’t have to be intimidating and we’ll talk about why.  
• Hear from a listener who just bought a house with a painted cast iron tub.  The paint is peeling and needs to be updated.

• Have you ever bought a can of WD-40 and it stopped working halfway through?  There’s a trick to get more out of a can that will save you a trip to the home store.
• Joe has a simple solution to help drill several holes to the same depth.

Question of the week:

Rob writes, “Danny & Joe… I have @ 2 ft. of rotten fascia board in the middle of 20′ section. I also have a gutter over the entire span of the fascia. I’d like to replace the rotten section of the fascia board (I understand how to do that) without removing and re-hanging the gutter, but am trying to figure out how to cut the section of fascia board behind the gutter. Any suggestions?  This project’s about 15 ft. off the ground and I’m working alone.”


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