How to Cut Power Before Making Electrical Repairs

Whenever you’re making an electrical repair around the house, it’s always important to turn off the power at the main electrical panel.

But how do you know the power is off at the circuit you’re working on?

Well, if there’s a light in the room, that’s easy, right? You flip off the breakers and if light goes off, the power is turned off.

But what if you’re changing out an outlet that’s down the hall near the front door? Just plug in a lamp and all you’ll need to do is flip off the breakers until the light goes off.

But what happens if you’re working on a device, an outlet or a switch that’s on the far end of the house, or upstairs?

What you need is a radio. Just plug in the radio, turn the volume all the way up so you can hear it, then do the same thing. Start turning off breakers.

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