Fire Shield Surge Protector from First Alert

Surge protectors are important to prevent damage to electronic devices, like computers and televisions; but the First Alert Fire Shield Surge Protector goes even further by monitoring the devices plugged into it for frayed wires to prevent fires.

The First Alert Fire Shield Surge Protector is available at The Home Depot. Watch this video to find out more.


Jodi Marks: Now, if you’re going to be adding new electronics to your house or new gadgets, you need to, of course, protect your investment. And one way to do that is to plug everything into a surge protector. But take a look above me. You can see there are so many surge protectors to choose from. And to be honest, they’re not all created equally.

Well, I like this one. This is by First Alert. And upon first glance, it looks just like a typical surge protector, but there’s a lot going on inside there. Now, of course, after you get all of your electronics plugged in, not only will it monitor the electrical current coming in to detect surges or spikes, but it also monitors itself. And by that I mean, anything that you plug in here.

This surge protector will monitor the amount of insulation, if it detects a breakdown in the insulation of the cords that are plugged into it, or if it detects fraying of the cords that are plugged into it, it’ll automatically shut off. And that can reduce the chance of fire. So not only are you getting a surge protector, but you’re also getting fire protection as well.


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