Advantages of an Automatic Standby Generator

More and more people today are concerned about emergency power. A portable generator can only backup appliances plugged directly into the generator while an automatic standby generator powers entire circuits and everything on them.

For example, if you choose to back up the family room, the generator will power the TV, stereo, lamps, ceiling fans, and lights. Select the kitchen, and you will be able to use the stove, refrigerator, microwave, overhead lights, and all the outlets.

A standby generator constantly monitors the utility so when the power goes out, the generator starts itself, and delivers power to your home within seconds. When the utility comes back online, the generator shuts itself off until the next outage.

A standby generator runs off of your homes existing natural gas or LP fuel supply, so unlike a portable generator, it never needs to be refueled. Once a week, it automatically run a brief self-test to ensure that everything is working properly when you need it.


  1. Our home is 1,896 sq. ft. What size generac generator do we need for power outages. What would the cost be and the installation thereof?
    RE Morgan


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