Using an Infrared Camera to Conduct an Energy Audit on Your Home

Using a thermographic camera is a great way to find air leaks and insulation gaps when conducting an energy audit on your home. The camera works by detecting infrared heat radiation and converting it to a color display with blue for colder objects and red for warmer. Watch this video to find out more.


  1. Reasonable rate? Over $500 for a 5,000 sq foot home? I hardly feel that is reasonable. It would take over a year of energy savings JUST to payoff the audit, nevermind any of the upgrades you actually make that the audit recommends.

  2. Looking at the upfront costs will never be an adequate measure of ROI or payback to the end user. Although we do not audit residential structures the concepts are the same in commercial situations. If our owners only looked at the cost of the project or the testing itself, the payback would never make sense. The savings taken over 10, 15 or 20 years would make the $500 look like pennies. We have faciliites saving over $1 per square foot per year just from upgrading lighting. Spending a little money upfront for expert advice is well worth the expense.


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