Ideas for Reusing Plastic Containers in Your Home

All manner of items can be reused rather than being thrown away, and plastic containers are a perfect example. Once they have been cleaned out, plastic containers can be cut to shape and reused as scoops, birdfeeders, or planters. The tops make great containers for small items like push pins or paper clips.


One of the components of Thinking Green is re-using. In other words, it’s taking something that might end up in a landfill and putting it to another use. You can re-use items on a really grand scale, but even the simplest things can be turned green when you use a little imagination. Here’s a great example.

These old laundry detergent bottles and milk jugs can be turned into a variety of new things. Once you wash them out thoroughly, you can make scoops for seed or grain, a great dispenser for ice-melting salt, and they’re great for bird feeders. Cut the tops off and you have a planter perfect for herbs to use in the kitchen.

Even the caps can be used for holding things like safety pins and paper clips, or with a little work you can turn them into colorful decorations. Even something as simple as this milk jug can become a piggy bank.

It’s all about your creativity and this is something the whole family can do together. So, before you throw it out, take a second look and see if your artistic side has a little green in it!


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