Green Homes

From high-tech gadgets to simple changes, Danny takes a look at some new ways to make your home green whether during new construction or a remodel. Automated irrigation systems, solar paneled roofs, and programmable thermostats are just a few of the green additions seen here.


  1. I like the idea of saving energy and this segment had some ideas that I’d like to incorporate in my home. My home is a 1970’s brick ranch in Mobile, AL near Skyland. What of these energy solutions would have the quickest payback for my un-updated home?

  2. we are looking for energy windos ans slidint glass doors. is it better to go all vinyl or clad on the out side and wood inside. Is the difference just a preference which is better.

  3. i would like to put solor but i dont know where to get the systems. I live in indiana and wo are on an remc coop for electricity so our Kw rate is high. were is the brake point.

  4. I have changed every bulb in my house to the ones that look like ice cream cones and my energy bill has gone down and i love it. I think they should stop making the old style bulbs altogether so we are forced to go GREEN.

  5. another cheap tip is to buy foam gaskets for all those outlets -if you add a tyipcal home amount of outlets it can be the same as opening a window- think about it 9square inches times 50 or so openings thats about 3 square feet. and don’t forget the attic access door thats a huge energy vacuum.
    for about 25-150 bucks you can save all that in 6 months.
    John Cannamela


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