Environmentally Friendly Home Building

Eco-friendly neighborhoods and home building techniques are a growing trend as people push for a better relationship with the environment and increased energy efficiency. Here are some ways for your home or neighborhood to go green:

  • Traditional Neighborhood Development: While creating neighborhoods with shops close to the homes in the area is nothing new, it is a very eco-friendly concept. Close proximity to shopping promotes walking and bike riding instead of driving, which cuts down on pollution.
  • Recycled Building Materials: Using recycled building materials not only helps the environment but also gives your home character. Almost everything in your home can be built from recycled materials including floors made from reclaimed lumber and driveways made from permeable recycled asphalt.
  • Durable Building Materials: Durable building materials, like fiber cement siding and brick, cost a bit more initially but require little maintenance and last longer than less expensive materials, which can save resources over time.

Further Information

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