Eliminate Plastic Shopping Bags

Over 500 billion disposable plastic shopping bags are used and discarded every year with less than 1% being recycled. Eliminate the need for disposable plastic bags by bringing reusable cloth bags with you to the store whenever you shop.


Paper or plastic? My answer is to get rid of the plastic bag. The EPA determined that between 500 billion and ONE TRILLION plastic bags are used and discarded each year, but less than 1% of them are recycled. The other 99% wind up in landfills or, are purposely dumped in the ocean. Plastic bags are made from polyethylene, which is made from oil. That means if we reduce the production of plastic bags, we reduce our dependency on foreign oil. Cloth bags, like these, are available everywhere, and if just one person in every five would start using a cloth bag for groceries, over 1.3 trillion bags would be saved. Many countries have already banned the use of these bags and, hopefully, we’ll follow suit. So on your next trip to the store, remember the rule of BYOB-Bring Your Own Bag.


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