Watersense® 101

Moen Offers Tips to Save Water and Money in Your Bath with the Best Sustainable Products


watersenseWith so many products claiming to be green these days, it’s hard to know which ones are the real deal.  A great indicator for certified sustainability in the bathroom is the WaterSense® label, which is granted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

There are a number of product categories that carry the WaterSense label, making it even easier to reduce the water usage in your home.  Here are a few recommendations from Moen, the 2010 WaterSense Manufacturer Partner of the Year:

  • Toilets.  According to the EPA, you will likely flush the toilet nearly 140,000 times over the course of your lifetime.  Switching to a WaterSense-labeled model will help you save up to 4,000 gallons per year and an average of $90 on your water bill.
  • Lavatory Faucets. Faucets account for approximately 15 percent of indoor household water use – more than one trillion gallons across the U.S. each year!  With countless options available in nearly every style and finish, it’s easy to reduce water usage and be stylish at the sink.  Moen’s collections are designed to help environmentally conscious consumers optimize water flow without sacrificing performance.
  • Showerheads. Traditional showerheads can use up to 30 gallons of water per household, per day.  Installing a Watersense-labeled showerhead (which test for both water savings and performance) could make a big difference, saving more than 2,300 gallons per year. Moen is one of the first manufacturers to receive WaterSense certification for showerheads, with 17 models currently certified to meet WaterSense criteria.


For more information about Moen products certified to meet WaterSense labeling criteria, visit moen.com.


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