Green Building Trends

Summer is flying by and has been very busy. Over the last couple weeks I have been to New York, Columbus, Ohio, Cleveland, Marianna, Fla., Pt. Clear, Ala. and even had a little time for a nice canoe trip down a small river in Mississippi.

I had a chance to meet a number of very interesting people over these weeks. Had a conversation with CNN’s Lou Dobbs, Harry Smith from CBS and the new Price is Right host Drew Carey while I was doing the Early Show on the 7-24.

Solar panels on roof.
Solar panels on roof.

I met a number of very bright and energetic people from advertising companies across the Ohio area and I met a whole a lot of homeowners in between, and they all seemed to be interested in one thing…Going Green. I have never seen a building trend that so many people have become aware of so quickly and it seems to be the focus of many home enthusiast and consumers across the board.

We are doing our part to get you as much information as we can. We are taping a number of “green” segments for the Weather Channel, working on a five part series for The Early Show and in our 10th season on national TV, we will be doing a two part special and web series on Today’s Homeowner called “Going Green.”

Right now we are in the framing stages of our Today’s Addition special. (You can follow the progress on our website, and a webcam will be live in a few days.) We are even incorporating a number of green building/remodeling ideas throughout this addition.

Hey, I’ll be back on The Early on CBS this Wednesday Aug 8 around 8:00am(all time zones.) If you are thinking about fencing in your yard check out the segment.

We are in the process of taping for our 10th season, let me know what you would like to see on our show and online. Thanks for reading.


  1. Going Green with Infrared. I know building green is very important these days but building is part of it.If you don’t verify that the house is thermally sound then all that hard work may be in vane.A building envelope check is a must. An Infrared Survey will show energy loss.Its fast and non-destructive.

    John Cannamela

  2. Watch your show episodes and see lots of good ideas but none seen realistic. During “Green Week” there was a circulating pump that provided instant hot water but when checking local plumbing supply stores they sell that pump you talked about but they were only recommended for brand new construction…otherwise the existing home would need major renovations to add the recirculating water lines or each water area would need to add individual manifolds under the sinks. Why do you not mention this when you are promoting your various products.


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