Nowadays there is a great deal of emphasis placed on the idea of being “eco-friendly.” Rightfully so, as technology has improved, we’ve gained a significantly greater understanding of how our actions affect the environment around us. This is also the case when it comes to interior design, where simple actions and aesthetic decisions can aid in making your home significantly more friendly to the environment, as well as a nicer place to live in.

Here are 6 interior design ideas that are great for the environment, and great for your wallet, too!

1. Low-Maintenance Interior Walls

Interior wood design has changed quite a bit in the last two decades. The technologies have greatly improved, giving way to all kinds of new materials and styles that are very friendly to the environment, while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Consider using modified wood to give your home a rustic feel.

One of the great things about low-maintenance interior walls is the fact that you save a lot of time, and a lot of money, on maintaining and repairing them. There are many different types of low-maintenance interior walls. Natural stone and reclaimed wood accent walls are very popular over your traditional paint accent wall. 

2. Larger Windows

Large windows are excellent for a couple of key reasons. One of which is the fact that large windows, quite obviously, allow more sunlight to seep into your home. This aids in energy efficiency – and in keeping your power bills lower – because you don’t have to turn on as many lights during the day.

3. Smart Home Integration

Compared to the majority of these ideas, smart home integration is the most recent on this list. More than anything else, smart home integration is a way of controlling your power consumption, even when you’re not actually at your house. You can control the temperature, along with other things from the click of the button. This means you can easily save a decent amount of money every month, simply by using your smartphone to adjust the heating and AC while you’re not home.

4. Efficient House Wrap

Efficient house wrap is a great aid to insulating your home and making it significantly more resistant to air and moisture, and the damage that those kinds of things can bring. Installing it is also an easy way to lessen your monthly heating and air-conditioning bills, because it’s a lot easier for heat – or cool air – to stay inside of a home that is properly insulated.

5. Cost And Sustainability

ICF homes are quickly rising in popularity. When it comes to resilience and overall cost efficiency, they can’t be beaten. They are simply far more sustainable and resilient then most homes. Keep in mind that ICF homes can be expensive. Generally speaking, they’re more expensive than traditional homes on the market. 

However, as an investment, the ROI – Return On Investment – is very high, because when you purchase an ICF home, you’re saving a lot of money on repairs and maintenance costs, including natural disaster repairs. That is why they’re becoming so popular, along with the fact that they are significantly less wasteful and harmful to the environment than most traditional homes.

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