4 Ways to Start ‘Going Green’ at Home

Solar panels on roof

Many people want to ‘go green’ in their home but they’re just not sure where to begin.

Each household is unique, so starting with small changes can be an enjoyable activity while lowering your family’s eco-footprint.

Here are some tips to get started.

Natural cleaning products

1. Use Natural Cleaning Products

You may know that you should be using green cleaning products; however, you may be unsure of which products are truly environmentally friendly.

Don’t give up there, though. Because when you use harsh chemicals to clean, you are actually putting chemicals on the surfaces of your home, which pushes them into the water supply.

The solution is to study and choose the green cleaning products that meet your home’s needs and to check out natural products like vinegar.

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Solar energy

2. Install Solar Panels

Solar energy is a long-term investment in green living. Installing solar panels is no longer a complex process, and the cost has decreased as the equipment has become more commonly used.

In addition to reducing dependence on fossil fuels, like coal and oil, installing solar power may make you eligible for federal tax credits as well as state and utility company incentives.

Solar panels also can increase your home’s value when you sell it because buyers will see a return on investment through saving on their energy bills.

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