Eco-Friendly Cast Iron Grates

Grate from Iron Age Designs.Cast iron grates from Iron Age Designs are not only functional and beautiful but are made using mostly recycled materials and qualify for LEED green building credits.

Grates come in over a dozen designs with sizes to fit most standard applications from drain and tree grates to wall registers for heating ducts.

Made in the United States, Iron Age Designs can produce custom patterns and sizes as well, with no order considered too small. In addition to cast iron, grates can also be made from aluminum or silicone bronze.


  1. Hi

    I am looking for about 6 cast iron grates to use on a terrace I am building. I would also want the frames to drop them into if possible. Can you supply to the UK? Any idea as to transport costs given the weight involved?

    Many thanks

  2. I am looking for a grate to put above a horizontal vent from a propane stove. The grate has to be non-combustionable and support someone’s weight. Size approximately 30 x 20.

  3. It seems that everyone wants to get on the ECO band wagon. I worked in the foundry industry for about 10 years. As a general practice to keep costs down, all grey iron foundries use recycled materials in their melting operations. They have to do this just to keep profitable. So, if you purchase a product based on being ECO-Friendly, rest assured that all US based companies used recycled iron, and therefore, are ECO-Freindly to this degree.


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