Early Spring Checklist for Your Yard

Mulch in wheelbarrow

Spring Tip #7: Protect your planting beds with mulch!

Even out your mulch with a rake to a depth of 2 to 4 inches and add more if needed. In colder climates, lightly cover early bulb shoots to protect them from a hard freeze.

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  1. Great informative along with pictures, thank you. I especially appreciated your mention as to not forget our feathered friends. In the rush to get our garden beds cleaned and ready for planting and maintenance we tend to let our feathered friends go to last.

  2. Hi Julie,

    Thanks for your “checklist”!

    I am a northerner transplanted to the southeast, specificaly North Carolina and am an organic type. Can you help at all with these climes? When would be a good time to start Tomato seedlings? Is there a better more adaptable plant for the south? I’m thinking in terms of the summer heat? As my job takes me out of town a few night’s a week I have purchased self watering pots, does that effect the type of plant I should grow?

    Hope you can help and thanks!


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