Early Spring Checklist for Your Yard

Tackle routine maintenance and tend to your garden in the early spring.

Spring is here, and warm weather is beginning to peek around the corner, inviting us outdoors and begging gardeners to get their hands dirty. But there may still be chilly nights to come, so don’t get ahead of yourself. Instead, use this promising early spring season to pay a visit to your garden, do some much needed maintenance, and tend to what’s already there.

Read on for 12 early spring lawn and garden tips to help kick the growing season off right in your yard!

Pruning shrubs

Spring Tip #1: Give your shrubs a spring makeover!

This is a good time of year to prune your shrubs, except for those that bloom in the spring. Remove any deadwood and encourage the shrub’s natural shape.

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Stepping stones

Spring Tip #2: Complete that “Honey-Do” list!

Finish building that trellis, raised bed, or stepping-stone path you started last fall. Inspect your garden for any needed structural repairs.

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Raking leaves

Spring Tip #3: Clear out the rubbish!

Get your yard back in shape by:

  • Remove debris from drainage ditches, gutters, and planting beds.
  • Clear unwanted brush and undergrowth out of your yard.
  • Cut back dead foliage on last year’s perennials and ornamental grasses before new growth starts.

Compost pile

Spring Tip #4: Make use of all that trash!

Turn your compost pile to keep it decomposing, or start composting now!

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Pulling weeds

Spring Tip #5: Be proactive in your yard!

Get rid of weeds as they sprout, and go ahead and take measures to protect your garden from pests.

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Top-dressing grass with soil

Spring Tip #6: Feed the soil!

Once your spring soil is dry enough, amend your planting beds and lawn by “top-dressing” with a couple of inches of compost or your favorite organic mix.

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  1. Great informative along with pictures, thank you. I especially appreciated your mention as to not forget our feathered friends. In the rush to get our garden beds cleaned and ready for planting and maintenance we tend to let our feathered friends go to last.

  2. Hi Julie,

    Thanks for your “checklist”!

    I am a northerner transplanted to the southeast, specificaly North Carolina and am an organic type. Can you help at all with these climes? When would be a good time to start Tomato seedlings? Is there a better more adaptable plant for the south? I’m thinking in terms of the summer heat? As my job takes me out of town a few night’s a week I have purchased self watering pots, does that effect the type of plant I should grow?

    Hope you can help and thanks!


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